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The national union of the construction company and the Castle of Light construction

The National Association of Construction Companies was founded as a result of joining the resources and experience of the three largest construction companies in Latvia – SIA (limited liability company) “Re&Re”, AS (joint-stock company) “RBSSKALS” and SIA “Skonto būve” – to implement one of the greatest building projects in the country – build the National Library of Latvia.

“BKC” as a participant of the project was tasked with maintaining the public’s interest in the construction process, explaining issues related to it, including crisis communication and organization of various events as part of “Staro Rīga” festival and the “Museum Night”.Among main events of the campaign, the broad participation of the public in the campaign “The Road of Light – Friend of Books’ Chain” (2014) may be mentioned as an example. 14 000 people took part in it. The library had 10 000 visitors during the first week after its opening.