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PR campaigns

Integrated communications is the key to contemporary communications. The information space is becoming increasingly saturated, thus finding a “free space” for a new message becomes a challenge. A dynamic and flexible planning approach is required to achieve goals. Such an approach allows for the implementation of the most efficient integrated communications model using the provided information and financial resources and the best-suited information channels depending upon the situation.

We will make sure that each part of a PR campaign in itself, as well as all of them, together, support a common campaign message in a way that is comprehensible and attractive to the audience.



We have impressive individual work experience with opinion leaders, managers of companies, institutions of strategic importance and key personalities in media space, which allows us to work on a new level. The knowledge accumulated in the course of 15 years and our professional network of contacts has provided high added value to our customers on a regular basis. That knowledge and contacts have also ensured the required scale for successful implementation of many a challenging project.


Media training

Every idea is important, interesting and “good”, however, its value in the public space is mainly determined by the manner it reaches the audience. Communication with media is a very important part of the process of promoting ideas. It matters to us that our client’s ideas should address, induce passion and inspire media professionals, who have specific requirements in contacts with others, as well as the target audience on as broad a scale as possible. Your organization will achieve much more in its communications in cooperation with “BKC” if you apply for participation in media training at our offices.



The form is as important as the contents. Our work requires an understanding of the core message to be able to pass it to the audience in a comprehensible and attractive manner.
We will help you in developing a long-term communications strategy, understanding the contents of a specific message and advise you on the most effective form of communication with the audience so that your message would be heard and result in the desired action of the audience.



Various events – whether they are conferences for a narrow circle of specialists or corporate sports games – play an important role in strengthening loyalty to the team and motivating employees. In some cases, they can also be used as additional publicity catalysts in the media.

Each event is unique, each has its own mission. We have experience, skill, and intuition. As a result, each event we organize brings out the most import in communications and helps to move along the trajectory of the mission developed together with the client.


Brand communication

Creation and maintenance of the image (reputation) of an enterprise/person / brand is a demanding long-term and labor-intensive process. It requires a clear vision of future, creative approach, and inspiring vision. We understand brands and needs of our clients very well, and as a result, offer well thought out and effective solutions for building a positive reputation.
A positive image in its turn promotes dialogue in the public space, thus it is important to maintain it by delegating this duty to experienced specialists.


Internal communication

Use the “hidden” potential of your organization! The operational process of a diversified and modern organization is based on internal communication. It is the manner, in which an enterprise or an organization communicates with its employees. Communication with employees is directly related to work efficiency, the loyalty of staff and potentially with the company’s growth opportunities.
Our experts will help to create a micro-climate at your company, which will be based on mutual trust, friendliness, and beneficial professional relationships.


Chrisis communication

There are moments when unconditional support plays a critical role. We know very well that there are special moments, when assistance to a client may be crucial to ensuring his reputation, operational and financial health. Therefore our services are available 24 hours a day in a crisis. Clients may be assured that they will have a trustworthy and experienced partner at their side, who does not shy from sudden challenges and difficulties.



Exploit the possibility to help to achieve your own goals! It is no secret that each gift implies a hope of getting something in return. Sponsorship is a great way to demonstrate to the audience your passion, principles, and values. Sponsorship allows to increase the value of the brand/enterprise/organization you represent in the eyes of the public too, but in the short term, it generates positive publicity.
We will help you find the most rational and useful way to share your success with others, show off your achievements and still feel good about it.

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